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  UI/X Designer

Onehub began as a side endeavour for Trade Me Property, under the stewardship of Alistair Helm, Alister Coyne and Mark Mcintosh. Designed to improve our relationship with budding real estate agencies in the New Zealand marketplace, with a focus on developing products that increased agent engagement with Trade Me.

Our ambition was to create a product that allowed agents to view all their key listing information in one place, right down to viewership statistics and the ability to seamlessly track the progress of each listing. Providing new potential revenue streams and a trusted platform for our members to search, contact and review agents across New Zealand.

My role

I came on in November 2015 as a Junior interface designer, facilitating communication with various real estate agents in the Auckland region in collaboration with Heather Mclay and the sales team; gathering feedback and research on their experience within the current Trade Me ecosystem. Reporting back to our project manager and design lead with data that would further direct the implementation of our vision.

Alongside this, I was also responsible for facilitating the design of required features and content after our design lead (Mark Mcintosh) moved on to facilitate other endeavors. My design involvement within this stage of development Included:

•   Brand consistency and user experience.

•   Maintaining pattern libraries and the base styles guide.

•   User Interface processes based on established use
    cases and users flows (login, signing up + password reset).

•   Direction for supporting copy and tone of voice used
    throughout the tool + marketing.

•   Responsible for brand consistency and user experience.

•   Design direction and execution of email & offline     marketing materials.

I had the opportunity to work alongside an amazing and dedicated team, and through our consistent practice of maintaining team agile methodologies we were able to launch Onehub to overwhelming success.